Swellbound in La 
              Playa, Barefoot on an evening surf mission

"Swellbound” in La Playa "Barefoot” on an evening surf mission

At SDSA we love just cruising, both sailing yachts and power yachts. We are often asked “where do you go?”
We answer, “Why would you want to go anywhere?”

Aerial view of Kona Kai resort in San Diego, CA

Kona Kai Resort, Shelter Island, our dock is in the lower left hand corner of the photo.

Seriously, San Diego, California is an awesome place to bareboat charter and cruise. That’s why there are so many boats here. Here are some tips that apply to all bareboat charters:

Morning view of Kona Kai resort, and our 30 foot Catalina sailboat on the water

Morning View from “Karina Del Mar’s” slip. “Karina Del Mar” our Catalina 30 in the afternoon.

1. Plan to arrive around 2 pm. Check in during the daylight hours and sail with our professional deckhand the next day for boat and area orientation. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Bring your yacht club’s burgee and your membership card from your home yacht club if you are a member. The yacht clubs here will offer you reciprocal membership privileges including overnight slips, and dinghy landing for free. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Have Vons (our local grocery store) deliver your provisions, including liquor, to the yacht at the Kona Kai Resort. Just spend over $100 on provisions and they will deliver it free. You’ll be glad you did.


Ready to book? Call us at 800-441-8672.

Need more Ideas? Some of our favorite things to do are listed below.

Boondoggle, our 30 foot Hunter escorting the USS

This is “Boondoggle” our 30 foot Hunter escorting the USS
 Kittyhawk. A great moment captured by a student sailing
nearby on “Karina Del Mar” in North San Diego Bay.


3 Day Weekend Anchored in La Playa Cove

Anytime, our classic 1963 Chris Craft 30 anchored in
La Playa.

This is “Anytime” our classic 1963 Chris Craft 30 anchored in
La Playa, the foot trail in the background. She’s probably the
coolest boat currently in the fleet. You can’t beat the way a
wood boat rides. Perfect for two overnight.


3 day weekend anchored in La Playa Cove between the San Diego Yacht Club and Southwestern Yacht Club. Anchor in the cove early to get a good spot. Register as a guest at SDYC, SWYC or both and tie up at the dingy dock and have dinner, get a key to the shower, and meet great friends. Be sure to fly your burgee and check in with the office of either club. Remember to carry your membership card.

Not a yacht club member? No problem. Anchoring is free and you can tie up the dinghy at the Kona Kai Resort or ask the fuel dock nicely, it’s no worries. Walk to dinner at “Pomodoro” the best Italian in Point Loma.

Swellbound,  our Catalina 42 anchored in
La Playa.

This is “Swellbound” our Catalina 42 anchored in
La Playa, SDYC in the background.


3 Day Weekend Anchored in Gloriettta Bay


Friends on the beach and a view of the Coronado bridge

The total California experience can be found in Coronado

3 day weekend anchored in Glorietta Bay near the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Obtain a free permit to anchor from the friendly Harbor Department. Anchor near the golf course for stunning views. Flick on the anchor light; land the dingy at Glorrietta Bay Marina for a small fee. Walk to the Hotel Del for cocktails on the beach, have dinner at Miguels Cocina, and finish up with Ice Cream from Coldstone. Dinghy back to the boat.



3 Day Weekend Anchored in Mission Bay

Our 30 foot Catalina on Mission Bay, and an aerial view of Mission Bay.

“Karina Del Mar” en route to Mission Bay The free anchorage, Bonita Cove is to the left


This is a great summer trip. Sail to SDRW, sail close hauled on starboard tack for about 1 hour on a course of about 240. Tack onto port close hauled. Try to head for Point La Jolla for about one hour. Look for the Sea World tower (200 ft.) Look for the Hyatt Hotel Islandia. Pick up the jetties and keep the red on your right as you enter. Keep in the middle of the channel and lower your sails after entering the turning basin and prepare your anchor. The free, no permit anchorage is to the left and has good holding in sand. Bring the dingy up onto the beach above the high tide and you’ll be fine. Enjoy drinks and dancing at The Pennant.




5 Day Trip to Dana Point

Aerial view of Dana Point, CA

This is Dana Point, California about 60 nautical miles away from our slip. The free anchorage
is in the foreground to the right. DPYC,
(a great yacht club), us on the right as well.

If you feel the need for a long journey, make it a 5 day trip to Dana Point. Stay in Mission Bay both on the way up and back. Be sure to bring your Yacht Club’s card and visit Dana Point Yacht Club as a guest. You can anchor for free or obtain a slip from the Harbor Department. It’s a long sail up there so if some ocean reaches are what you are looking for Dana Point can be a great sail.

And Two Confirmed Underway

At San Diego Sailing Academy we love cruising. We love to go cruising; we love to see our students go cruising and live their dreams. We get letters and emails and pictures from all over the world. Our alumni have one confirmed circumnavigation. Dr. Luis Coppelli and his wife Ramona and daughter Catalina sailed around the world aboard their 1987 Hans Christian 38 MKII. They took lessons in 1994, owned a Cal 39 in our charter management program for several years, then sold that boat and acquired the Hans Christian and headed south. They’ll be here this year to bareboat charter our Catalina 42 MKII "Swellbound" to take their daughter Catalina to Catalina Island for the first time. After that Luis intends to get his instructor certification to start his own sailing school in South America. Congratulations Luis and Ramona and of course Catalina!